Say hi to Magenta: stories about design, technology, and people, published by Huge.

3 min readOct 11, 2016

There is no shortage of technology coverage in the world today; if anything, we’re inundated. The very concept of “tech coverage” is something of a misnomer, given that technology touches on virtually every facet of life. Technology is terrible. Technology is wonderful. Technology is complicated. And while the tech press busies itself covering every smartphone release, VR trend, and AI development, you hear less about the people who are designing, building, and using these things, or how they affect the lives of the people they’re designed for.

Magenta is for people who think about the relationship between people, technology, and design like it’s their job. That is the essence of what we do every day at Huge. We created Magenta as a place for the stories that interest us most: stories about people behind the work, and the people the work is for. Magenta was conceived of and is curated by the editorial team at Huge, pulling in expertise from our own ranks as well as that of our peers.

Want a place to dive in? Coping is our series of personal essays exploring how people cope with technology, or use technology to cope, in our modern world. A personal favorite? Writer John DeVore tells us about the time he fell in love with a Tinder bot, and what it means for our inevitable bot-filled future. We’re also corralling smart thinking about the future of technology, like this piece by Michael Horn about Why Humans Want AI to Fail (Westworld fans, take note).

There’s no greater tribute in design than someone saying “I wish I’d made that.” In Design Envy, we ask people we respect to share an object, app, or experience they wish they’d designed themselves — for Nicholas Felton, it was the Moves app. Creative Process digs into the daily work of people, like Tim Goodman or Maira Kalman, who spend their lives making things we love. Finally, we’re telling the stories of how real people around the world use technology, in a series of intimate portraits that over time will reveal trends about global tech adoption.

Want to see someone you know featured on Magenta’s pages, or get in touch with story ideas, pitches, or feedback? Email our editorial team — myself, Belinda Lanks, Mariam Aldhahi, and Lauren Streib — at

At Huge, our mantra is “make something you love.” With Magenta, we did that — and we hope you love it, too. Thanks for reading.

— Erin Collier, Executive Editor